Dr. Wolz

  • Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline is a supplement that has been developed specifically for athletes, during training and/or competition.

    Content: Combination pack with 14 ampoules à 20 ml and 14 capsules.

    It supports the immune system, it decrease tiredness and fatigue and protects the cells of oxidative stress.

    In combination with the unique enzyme yeast cells Dr. Wolz®, Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline provides athletes with reasonable and effective nutrients from different substance categories. It contains minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals such as lycopene in tomatoes or flavonoid extracts in citrus fruits such as hesperidin. In addition, Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline contains beta-glucans, enzymes and coenzymes such as NADH, alpha-lipoic acid and 30mg of the coenzyme Q10 in capsules, which is a natural component of the body´s cells that is found in the cell respiration chain. All ingredients contained, have a positive effect on regeneration, the immune system and training performance.

    Recommended intake

    Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline is a concentrate therefore, dilute one ampoule per day with 150 ml of the beverage of your choice. Take it during or after a meal all in one time or during the day. Additionally, add 1 capsule.

    A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

  • Broccoli extract with quercetin and a high content of glucoraphanin and the enzyme myrosinase

    Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym

    60 capsules

    • Broccoli seed extract with high content of glucoraphanin and myrosinase and quercetin
    • Patented extraction technique with high stability, long effect level
    • Acid-resistant capsule
    • Optimum bioavailability

    Anyone who wants to receive broccoli’s valuable ingredients in an ideal manner, i.e. especially the glucoraphanin should use an extract that contains the enzyme myrosinase at the same time. Broccoli Extract + Active Enzyme Dr. Wolz contains both substances as a combined concentrate in which the key phytochemical glucoraphanin is broken down into the active substance sulforaphane by the enzyme myrosinase in the bowel thus enabling in to be used by the body. The addition ingredient, phytochemical quercetin, also forms a natural part of the broccoli.


    The capsules contain broccoli seed extract, the enzyme myrosinase and quercetin. Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym is vegan. The capsule shell is made of plant-based cellulose.

    Product without gluten, gelatine, lactose, fructose and colourants

    Recommended use:

    1 capsule a day with a drink with meals

    Do not consume Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym together with food or beverages containing acid (e.g.orange juice, cherries)or vitamin C products. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose shown.

    Manufacturer: Dr. Wolz Zell GmbH, Germany (original product)

    Dr. Wolz Quality Promise:

    For us, quality means the careful selection of raw materials, continuous residue analysis, certified manufacturing process, and the effectiveness check by independent research instructions.