• Yerba VERDE Mate DETOX

    Native and Natural


    Verde Mate Detox is a natural response to challenges of contemporary urban life. Subtle composition of green yerba mate from the tropical forest was enriched by functional additives supporting detoxication of an organism. Perfect choice for those who look for intense stimulation in a natural way. Subtle aroma soothes senses and herbal ingredients make drinking a very pleasant and original experience!

    Natural source of energy-containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants.

    Verde Mate is derived from native trees found in their natural habitat. The processing of leaves produces a bright green colour yerba mate with a mild flavour and extremely pleasant to the taste.


    Contents of the package:

                                                Ilex paraguariensis( Yerba Mate) 98% of thickly cut leaves, only 2% of stems, without dust;

                                                                 HERBS: Cistus, Milk Thistle, Sage, Mint, Gunpowder, Nettle, Rosehip