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  • CBSe Yerba Mate with Guarana

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Package (Net Weight): 500 g

    Product of Argentina

     If you’re looking for a double boost – that’s what you found. Attractive packaging hides a drought with a sweet, slightly spicy aroma that seduces our senses. Delicate, pleasant taste eliminating the perceivable bitterness. A thoughtful and surprising combination of Paraguayan holly with a natural guarana extract. The whole counterbalanced by traditional herbal supplements is an ideal combination.

    Contents of the package:

    Small leaves and stems with a small amount of dust (yerba mate); mint, cedron (verbena), natural guarana extract.

    The taste and aroma of yerba mate:

    The delicate spicy aroma in the smoke base of the Paraguay holly. Often this smell is perceived by the mate lovers as slightly sweet. The consequence of the sensations of pleasantly tickling nostrils is the equally delicate and sweet taste. Argentinian yerba mate in a unique composition.