n-Water ~ Quantum Water Activator

  • n-Water~ Quantum Water Activator – the best way to activate water at home

    The N-Water brand and their latest Living Water Technology, restoring the natural structure of water, changing dead water into living water.

    Following many months or even years of research, n-Water created the innovative Quantum Water Activator. This revolutionary invention will change the structured water world forever. Simple to install and intuitive, the activator can be used with any system of hot or cold water, including central heating and water cooling systems. It structures the water in real-time, so it doesn’t require any tanks or buffer vessels.

    This small activator (8x8x2 cm) is mounted outside the water pipe using cable ties. No tools or other work are required.

    The heart of the activator is a quantum field lens using proprietary crystallization technology created by n-Water.