yerba mate loose leaf tea Argentina orange naranja

  • Orange flavoured CBSe YERBA MATE NARANJA

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Package (Net Weight): 500 g

    Product of Argentina

    A delicate elaborada from the Argentinian Santa Ana plantation. The delicious flavour of fresh, a bit dry and woody yerba mate mixed with the scent of fresh orange juice. This variety combines the toasty and herbal flavours of yerba mate with the sweet aroma of oranges all in one package. A note of caramel floats in the air when the package opens. The flavour denotes notions of orange juice and orange rind.

    Contents of the package:

    Leaves with stems and dust (yerba mate), natural orange flavouring

    The taste and aroma of yerba mate:

     The delicate, silky elaborada has been balanced by a characteristic and perceptible citrus aroma. The orange flavour reduces the traditional bitterness of the infusion.

    Additional information:

    Good for everyday consumption, great as a Tereré