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  • GENACTIV ~ Shampoo with Colostrum -against hair loss 150ml ( ColosRegen )ging

    Packaging: 150ml

    Bioactive Colostrum Bovinum + MARE’S MILK +Silk Proteins

    Bioactive hair strengthening

    ColosRegen shampoo is intended for the care of the scalp, especially in the case of weak, falling out and thinning hair. Thanks to the active ingredients – colostrum bovinum, mare’s milk and silk proteins – the shampoo gently cleanses the scalp, improves microcirculation, nourishes and strengthens the hair bulbs, protects the hair follicles from free radicals, increases the elasticity and hydration of the hair structure by penetrating the bioactive components under the cuticle. Hair becomes strong and shiny, and the scalp is healthy and elastic.

    A gentle washing base works anti-static, facilitating the combing of hair.

    Colostrum bovinum and mare’s milk also soothe scalp irritations.

  • Packaging: 150ml



    Nourishing and revitalizing mask with bioactive colostrum bovinum and mare’s milk for all skin types.

    GENACTIV COLOSTRUM MASK is a nourishing and revitalizing mask for people who want to keep beautiful skin. The mask provides intensive skin care by combining the unique properties of bioactive ingredients contained in colostrum bovinum, the beneficial properties of mare’s milk known from ancient times and the strong moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid. The highest quality colostrum bovinum used in GENACTIV COLOSTRUM MASK is obtained during the first two hours after delivery, so it is a unique, the richest source of concentrated, natural substances that cause the effect of quick regeneration, deep reconstruction and rejuvenation of the skin. The extremely beneficial effects of mare’s milk for the skin is based on vitamins, mineral salts and albumin proteins. Thanks to the unique properties of mare’s milk, the skin stays brightened, moisturized and greased.

    calcium – participates in the synthesis of collagen

    orotic acid (vitamin B13) – accelerates the skin renewal process and stimulates the growth of new cells,

    lactic acid – narrows the pores, lightly whitens and exfoliates the skin

    essential fatty acids – they soothe inflammatory processes in the skin, prevent excessive water loss, lubricate and smooth the skin

    hyaluronic acid – has strong moisturizing properties, which guarantees proper hydration, the skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic

    proteins – stimulate the production of collagen and elastin

  • GENACTIV Face & Body Cream with Colostrum

    Packaging: 40ml

    GENACTIV CREAM with Colostrum (Colostrigen R) is a modern dermo-cosmetic product designed for the care of irritated skin and skin with problems.

    The NEW FORMULA of the cream is based on bioactive colostrum bovinum, mare’s milk and hyaluronic acid. The cream has been enriched with mare’s milk. Thanks to this change, Colostrigen R cream has gained extraordinary care properties.


    The unique formula of the cream is a wealth of natural, bioactive and fully effective ingredients:

    – Bioactive colostrum bovine contained in the cream is obtained maximally after an hour of calving. It soothes irritation, supports resistance to infections and stimulates the reconstruction of the epidermis. Colostrum supports faster regeneration of the skin and supports healing processes.

    – Mare’s milk and hyaluronic acid ensure proper hydration. They make the skin smooth, soft and flexible.

    – The mare’s milk inhibits the aging process of the skin.

    – pH of the cream, similar to the natural pH of the skin, restores the skin’s optimal pH.




  • GENACTIV Hair & Scalp Mask with Colostrum (COLOSREGEN)

    Packaging: 250ml

    Bioactive Colostrum Bovinum + MARE’S MILK + Silk Proteins

    Special care about hair and scalp

    The ColosRegen nourishing and regenerating mask is intended for the care of hair and scalp, especially in the case of weak, falling out and thinning hair. Thanks to the active ingredients – colostrum bovinum and mare’s milk – the microcirculation is improved, the hair bulbs are nourished and strengthened, hair follicles are protected against free radicals, elasticity and hydration of the hair is better. The hydro-lipid and microbiological balance of the scalp is restored. Hair becomes smoother, easier to comb, and the scalp is healthy and elastic.