OwlEye –Blue Light Blocking Glasses-100% Protection- Model: Twilight II – with case


OwlEYE Model: Twilight II– guarantees blocking blue light at the level of 100%. OwlEYE Twilight II lenses are made of light, organic CR 39 glass, covered with an especially hardened coating that protects it against scratches. The frame of OwlEye Twilight II glasses is made of a high-quality variant of nylon known as GRILAMID TR-90.

Comfortable, impact-resistant, flexible, ultra-light – weighing 9.5 grams ONLY!!!

Certified Laboratory Tested

Size: front width 12.6 cm, height 3.5 cm, temple length 14.5 cm Weight: 9,5g

Eye Size: 53        Bridge Size: 16       Temple size: 134

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Product Description

OwlEYE blue light blocking glasses are a lens filter framed in glasses frames, its task is to protect against the harmful effects of artificial light – in particular LEDs. The lenses are made in such a way as to block and absorb blue and green light.

OwlEYE glasses are a lens filter framed in the frames of glasses, its task is to protect against the harmful effects of artificial light – in particular LED. The lenses are made in such a way as to block and absorb blue and green light.

Size: front width 12.6 cm, height 3.5 cm, temple length 14.5 cm

The Twilight II model in relation to Twilight I has a more massive temple.

The technology used to produce the Blocker OwlEYE model: Twilight II lenses guarantees blocking blue light at the level of 100%.

Blocker OwlEYE lenses are made of light, organic CR 39 glass, covered with a specially hardened coating that protects it against scratches.

The frame of Blocker OwlEYE glasses is made of a composite material known as GRILAMID TR-90.

GRILAMID TR 90 is a high-quality variant of nylon, thanks to this choice of material – Blocker OwlEYE glasses are comfortable, impact-resistant, flexible, ultra-light – weighing only 9.5 g.

The technology used to produce the Blocker OwlEYE model lenses: Twilight guarantees blocking blue light at the level of 100%.

OwlEYE Model: Twilight
– the orange color is absorbed by:

100% blue light

Laboratory Tests

This factor makes OwlEYE blue light blocking glasses very effective in protecting the eyes from junk light, guaranteeing the alignment of the human biological clock, and thus a return to balance.
This means that if you use OwlEYE blue light filters of the: Twilight model while looking at the screen, especially after dark, they will help reduce the exposure of our eyes to the above-mentioned light waves.
As a result, OwlEye supports our hormonal economy, securing the production of melatonin, responsible for our normal circadian cycle, and thus – a healthier sleep, ie the overall condition of the body.

OwlEYE glasses model: Twilight, should be worn during the day when working in front of the computer, and even more so at dusk.



If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, have a lack of energy during the day, and have difficulty losing weight, read this article to find out why you need blue-light-blocking glasses.

The era of technology and blue light

We live today in the age of technology and information processing. At a time where new ideas, movements and concepts change the world almost every day, whether they are related to quantum physics, molecular biology or healthy eating.

The most characteristic feature of the modern world is the enormous, almost unimaginable stream of information that constantly flows to us from phones, computers or TV sets as a torrent of data that needs to be processed.

Unfortunately, few people are aware of how the light that these devices emit affects our eyes’ health.

Before electricity was invented

Before electricity was invented, we all functioned on a circadian rhythm and the only light we had access to was sun and fire. As technology developed, a fire was replaced by candles and kerosene lamps, and then various types of lamps, diodes and LEDs.

Research shows that the average office worker spends 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer screen. In addition, there is the use of a telephone and TV.

The light that these devices emit makes us feel overburdened, we experience problems with concentration, we may feel anxious, irritable, and our eyes start to deteriorate and in extreme cases it can lead to macular degeneration – an incurable disease that causes a significant loss of vision.

However, the biggest problem is not the light that these lamps emit, but the time when we use them.

Blue light threats

  • fatigue,
  • headaches,
  • migraines
  • reduced resistance to stress,
  • mood disorders
  • depression,
  • problems with concentration,
  • hormonal problems,
  • problems with sleeping,
  • excess body weight

What happens in the body after sunset?

As the sun goes down your levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone which is one of the most powerful restorative hormones) increase in your body and this follows the circadian rhythm that controls, among others brainwave activity, hormone production, and the body’s many different metabolic functions.

At night, when we sleep, our brain works all the time. It processes information that has come to us during the day, preserves memories, creating new connections between neurons, gets rid of toxins and the process of neurogenesis – the formation of new nerve cells.

The circadian rhythm is mainly influenced by external factors – light and darkness. We are evolutionarily programmed to function when it is light and to sleep when it is dark. However, when our daily activities begin to diverge from the natural circadian rhythm, all our body systems start to become unregulated.

As a consequence, it leads to many health problems. Worse still, problems don’t arise right away, but after a while. The longer we disrupt the natural circadian rhythm, the more we are exposed to dangerous health consequences.

Circadian rhythm

Satchin Panda researchers have found that all human physiology, metabolism and even cognitive processes are subject to the circadian rhythm.

Our body is designed in such a way as to carry out various processes in certain cycles every day. Interestingly, the activities we perform during the day, especially in the evening, have a great impact on our circadian clock. Either they will support him and increase your possibilities, or on the contrary.

What happens in your body when you use your phone after sunset?

Every day our body fights against numerous stress factors that cause damage at the cellular level. At night, not only does the body regenerate properly – the brain also works, consolidating memories and sending instructions to prepare us for the next round of activity. The changes that occur during the night are fundamental to our well-being the next day.

When you use your phone, computer or TV after sunset, these devices send HEV blue light with a wavelength of 400-550 nm, which passes through the cornea, lens and back of the eye, which researchers say causes damage

“We are constantly exposed to blue light, which neither the lens nor the cornea are able to stop or reflect,” says Prof. Ajith Karunarathne from the University of Toledo, author of a publication that appeared in Scientific Reports.

What’s even worse is that if blue light reaches your eyes after sunset, it stops melatonin production altogether. If you go to bed at 11 p.m. and then put down the phone, melatonin will only start to produce after 3 hours, i.e. at 01.00. This means that the first 3 hours of sleep, the first 2 cycles, are empty and worthless sleep because you are not entering deep sleep.

When blue light reaches your eyes in the evening, it says to your brain:

“YOOK !!! Man!!! Incentive!!! We have the middle of the day !!! It’s 12.00, get up! Get your ass out of bed! There is no sleep !!! “


The more time you spend in front of blue light devices after sunset, the greater the disturbance of circadian rhythm and melatonin production.

This, in turn, makes sleep shallow after such exposure, and you are unable to enter the deep sleep phase which is crucial for your body to fully regenerate and cleanse your brain of toxins.

How to protect yourself from harmful blue light

World sleep experts such as Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Satchin Panda advise that 3 hours before bedtime, you should completely abandon the use of the phone, computer and TV.

However, we both know very well that this is unlikely.

You can apply various types of filters on the phone or computer, such as:

  • f.lux,
  • iris,
  • twilight
  • night shift.

However, neither of them completely blocks blue light, but only reduces its perceptible intensity.

In fact, the only and effective solution is to use special glasses that completely block blue light.

Health is your choice

If you want to spoil your eyes, regenerate badly, have problems with getting up in the morning, and at the same time extra kilos per weight, absolutely do not use glasses that block blue light.

However, if you belong to the group of thinking people who care about their health and want to wake up in the morning with a high level of energy, work as efficiently as possible during the day and enjoy a cool figure, then be sure to invest in OwlEye glasses that block blue light and significantly improve quality of your life.

How do blue light blocking glasses work?

When you use blue light devices without glasses after sunset, this amount of blue light reaches your eyes:

When you use the same devices with glasses, it looks like this:

Blue light blocking glasses in research

All scientists agree that blue light from devices such as a smartphone or laptop inhibits the production of sleep-inducing melatonin.

A 2017 study by the University of Houston found that participants wearing blue-light-blocking glasses showed an approximately 58% increase in nighttime melatonin levels – meaning their sleep quality was twice as good!

Research also shows that such glasses also help with the symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder.

Who are OwlEye blue light blocking glasses for?

  • for people who work daily in front of a computer.
  • for people who use the phone, computer and TV after sunset.
  • for people with metabolic diseases such as: insulin resistance, diabetes, etc …
  • for people experiencing headaches, migraines, problems with concentration and memory.
  • for everyone who wants to regenerate as much as possible, get up in the morning full of energy and be a healthy person.


My own experience of wearing blue light blocking glasses

I have been using blue light blocking glasses almost daily for over a year. When I put them on just after sunset, my evening routine begins.

Within minutes of wearing it, I can feel a clear difference – my eyes begin to rest and feel lighter. I think my eyes are happy that I care for them every day.

What’s more, I fall asleep very quickly (2-3 minutes after lying down) and feel and see a significant improvement in sleep quality.

Every day I wake up programmed at 5.30am (no alarm clock), with high energy levels, great feeling, and start my morning routine.

Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses is one of the basic biohacks for optimizing sleep and circadian rhythm, and it’s very simple.

Currently, I am switching from the polar vantage M watch to the Oura ring. In time, I will update this article and show you the differences in how blocking blue light affects night recovery and sleep quality.