INVEX REMEDIES ~ Ag124 Antibacterial Face and Body Spray with Monoionic Silver 200 ml


Antibacterial Face and Body Spray with Monoionic Silver Ag124 

Size: 200ml

Antibacterial Face and Body Spray with monoionic silver Ag124. A perfect purifying and mattifying face and body cleanser for skins with excessive sebum secretion. It cleanses neutralizes the shine and prevents blackheads. The combination of monoionic silver with boron provides the lotion with strong antibacterial properties.

It is recommended for oily skins with acne lesions. Ideal after shaving to prevent folliculitis occurring in the form of spots.

Active ingredients: monoionic silver, organic silica, boron.

The effectiveness was confirmed in vivo tests.

Dermatologically tested.

How to use: Spray on cleansed skin, leave it to absorb. Not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Storage: Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Protect from light.

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Product Description


Advanced monoionic technology was developed in the laboratories of Inwex and Invex Remedies. The technology involves breaking the structure of minerals, such as gold, silver, or silicon into single ions (monoions).

The basis of good health lies in supplying every cell of the body with nature-derived elements, which are necessary for life functions. This can best be achieved by the fragmentation of the elements so that they could be tiny enough to penetrate through the cellular membrane. The particles obtained with this technology are more than ten times smaller than nanoparticles used so far in pharmacology and cosmetology. Monoions of gold and silver are 0.2 nm in size, whereas those of silicon – 0.24 nm.


Many chemical substances, including nanoparticles, tend to form clusters, i.e. aggregations of particles. This phenomenon hampers elemental penetration through the cell membranes. Consequently, the desirable effect is difficult to achieve. The monoionc technology, patented by the company, makes it possible to eliminate this phenomenon, thus increasing the efficiency of the active substance penetration.

To enhance the efficiency of the active substance transportation into the cell, the ion pairs were additionally employed, which so far has been exclusively used in pharmacology. The method involves combining a charged particle with the active substance particle having the opposite charge in order to temporary neutralize the electric charge. Ion pairs easily penetrate through the lipids of the cornified layer and dissociate in the live epidermal layers.
The technology patented by our company allows those extremely small particles of the purest minerals to penetrate into the deepest skin layers, nourishing them and ensuring cellular level regeneration. With the monotonic technology, it is possible to deliver active substances in the form that is the most accessible to the body.
Manufacturing the products, we employ the outcome of our research and the world’s unique innovative solutions. We act in harmony with nature and dedicate our work to the noble cause of improving health.

0.2 nm – Gold           0.2 nm – Silver           0.24 nm – Silicon


The technology developed in the laboratories of Inwex and Invex Remedies makes it possible to split the structure of minerals into single ions, i.e. particles which theoretically should be formed in all dissociation processes. That often happens for highly reactive elements, including compounds of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine or fluorine. However, less reactive elements, like cobalt, nickel, copper, silver, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, iron, silicon and gold do not undergo this process easily, even if they form compounds that are characterised by good water solubility. That happens so due to the ability of forming clusters, i.e. specific polymers made of the atoms of the same element or chemical substance. Clusters can be formed not only by compounds of the elements mentioned above, but also by water. Clusters have a uniform structure and electrons which are free to move. Due to the multi-atomic structure, the dimensions of clusters are much greater than those that would be indicated by physicochemical computations, or by particle modeling on the basis of the structural formula. For instance, gold clusters contain from a few to several dozen metal atoms, and the metal–metal (Au-Au) distances are identical as in the original metallic form, they have crystallographic lattice and free electrons like it happens in native gold. Gold clusters form specific cages, similar to fullerenes in structure. The majority of gold clusters, however, have the shape of pyramids, prisms, cones and other 3D forms. Regardless of the structure, their dimensions are so large that they are unable to penetrate cellular membranes.
For instance, an atom of gold, the atomic radius of which is 0.144 nanometre, and which has formed a cluster composed of twenty atoms, will reach, in an extreme case, the size of approx. 6 nanometres (at the assumption that a linear structure is formed). Therefore, its penetration into the skin and taking part in various biochemical processes is extremely difficult.

Therefore, it was necessary to start work on breaking cluster structures into monoions. Multi-stage chemical and /or electrochemical processes that took place in the aquatic environment led to splitting the structure. As a result many elements, including gold, silver, silicon, and copper, were obtained in the form of monoions, which are stable only in the aquatic environment characterised by precisely determining parameters. After leaving this environment, or when it is altered, those elements naturally tend to form monoionic structures. In accordance with the literature on the subject, monoionic metals converted in this way can be used in medicine, pharmacology, or cosmetology. Additionally, those can be employed as catalysts in the production of ceramics, fire-resistant, and corrosion-resistant materials. They should also show special properties like superconductivity at high temperatures and the ability to generate energy. Monoions can be also converted into ion pairs, which promote penetration through the cornified layer of the epidermis. Monoions, combined into pairs by means of a weak bond, stable at the stage of penetration through the epidermis lipid layer, become fast decomposed when they come into contact with blood or plasma. That enables their quick adoption by the body, where they are able to trigger many biochemical processes, which otherwise would not take place.

It should be emphasised that supplying every cell of the body with nature-derived elements, and also with water and oxygen, is necessary for life functions and good health. The method devised by our company seems to provide the optimal solution. The core of the method lies in breaking up elements to the size of 0.15-0.5nm, which allows their penetration through the pores of cellular membranes, which are 0.7-1.0 nm in diameter, or through the sodium-potassium channels.

The monoionic technology allows those extremely small particles of the purest minerals to penetrate into the deepest skin layers, nourishing them and ensuring cellular level regeneration. With the monoionic technology, it is possible to deliver active substances in a form which is the most accessible to the body. This technology is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of the administration of chemical elements into the body.
Presently, cosmetology is not the only field, in which the monoionic technology is used. Medicinal and therapeutic products, including anti-cancer drugs, based on his technology have been subjected to intense testing. Those products are much more effective and far less harmful than conventionally manufactured pharmaceuticals.



Silver is known as a natural antibiotic with a wide range of applications – from ancient times it was famous for its antiseptic properties. SILVER TOUCH line contains the silver received in advanced monoionic technology with particle’s size of 0.2 nm. The fragmentation of particles in the monoionic technology increases their permeability not only on the surface of the skin but also into the dermis. Products from the SILVER TOUCH line have strong antibacterial and anti-fungi properties. They regulate and limit the secretion of sebum. They alleviate the symptoms and support the care of acne lesions and prevent the formation of new eruptions on the skin. Cosmetics from the SILVER TOUCH line accelerate regeneration thanks to their antibacterial properties. They soothe irritations and refresh the skin. Products from the SILVER TOUCH line ensure perfect skincare.

Moreover, they are compatible with products from the line GOLDEN TOUCH perfect complement to daily skincare face and body.

Ag124 Antibacterial Face and Body Spray with Monoionic Silver 200 ml

Designed for:

  • oily and mixed skin types, susceptible to lesions
  • problematic skin (acne, nonactive psoriasis)
  • skin with requires antiseptic treatment
  • skin with fungi and germs problems

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Silanetriol, PVP, Boron Citrate, Silver Acetate

Producer: JIW INWEX Sp. z o. o. Al. Solidarności 34, 25-323 Kielce, Poland